The Self Portrait as Exploration

Course available now

Dates: Oct 6 – December 15, 2020
Meets: Thursday from 2-5pm EST
Location: Zoom
Cost: $300
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This course is currently available

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Participants will gain further knowledge on the history of the self portrait through presentations and readings of various art forms to enhance their understanding of the representation of the self and how it relates to their work. Many artists have worked with representation of the self, and this course dives deeply into how self portraits can be used to discuss gender, the relationship between the subject and model and performance. Participants will round out the course with a deeper understanding of the complexities of photographing oneself, and a realized body of work that explores the self portrait in their own unique way.

Course Length: 10 weeks / meeting twice a week for 3 hours per class

Dates: Tuesdays October 6 – December 15th, 2020

Meets: 6-9pm via zoom

Course Cost: $300 for 10 weeks

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