I am interested in offering artists a one on one intensive experience to get to the kernel of their exact interests and goals. I support and guide artists in whatever topic makes sense for them at that time. Participants receive hourly consultations, doable “homework” and accountability. Consultations take place in the form of meetings over the computer, or by phone.


Consultations are offered for the following lengths of time:

*1 year (meet once a month)
*6 Months (meet twice a month)
*3 Months (meet twice a month)
*1 Month (meet once a week)


The above list is a general overview. Depending on how long a mentorship would best support you will inform length of sessions are and how much they cost. To give a baseline consultations are $70/hr; however, similar to courses offered, I offer a sliding scale.

Take a look below at what matches your interests. If you want support in other areas/topics, email me and we’ll do it:

Editing an ongoing project

This consultation guides artists who are in the beginning, middle or towards the end of a project that is ongoing and are in need of support in editing images to create a more realized, consistent body of work. Editing your own work can be challenging and this mentorship will provide participants with an objective and knowledgable perspective to support them in understanding how and when to edit.

Conceptualizing your work

This consultation is great for artists who are intermediate and would like to dive deeper into the conceptual aspects of their art practice. Participants will learn how to implement research into their art making and will read about the history and contemporary nature of art to build a more robust understanding of how what they are making sits within the context of art.

Writing an Artist Statement

Participants will learn how to write about their work by writing artist statements. Artist statements are a necessary component of being an artist and are helpful for others to understand the nature of your work and your interests as an artist. Writing artist statements will not only provide onlookers with something to read when looking at your work, but will also provide you with a greater understanding about your work and why you make it.

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